6. GründungsDienstag im Wintersemester 2022/23

Gründungsstory Virtual Badge - Digital Certificates

Digital Hub Worms, Klosterstr. 1613.12.2022 17:00 - 18:30 Uhr
  • Veranstalter: Hochschule Worms

Gründungsstory Virtual Badge - Digital Certificates

What does Virtual Badge:

Sending certificates is a MUST for every serious educational provider. A certificate is the spearhead of a successful training, course, or seminar. The last touch point that your participant has with the educational service. On the one hand certificates create a sense of value and legitimacy for the knowledge and qualification that are given to the participants. On the other hand, they are a vehicle that allows its recipients to efficiently communicate their newly acquired skills to recruiters or HR departments.
That’s why it was only a matter of time until this core process also joins the digital world with digital certificates. The wrong processes burns time, money, and reputation.
However, talking to more than 1000 of educators, it was incredibly surprising to learn how many certificates are still being created manually. MS Word, PowerPoint or even design tools such as Canva and Photoshop are used to create each individual certificate.

An advanced and professional solution such as Virtualbadge.io that allows its customers to digitally manage QR-code verifiable certificates that integrate into professional social media (e.g., LinkedIn) is not made for the beginning. Still the Startup-Team believes that everybody deserves a solution that at the very least saves a lot of time on manual certificate creation.

Therefore, they took the time and resources to develop a certificate generator tool for business where you can automatically create hundreds of certificates within seconds.

Guest Speakers:
Daniel Szymkowiak CTO and Co-Founder - MSc. Uni Mannheim in Business Informatics (Bachelor in Worms) - Before founding FutureNext, he studied entrepreneurship and developed his own software (watchnext Competitor) in his spare time.
Malte Zander CEO and Co-Founder - Bachelor in Business Administration at the University of Mannheim - Before founding FutureNext GmbH he already had two start-ups in the e-commerce sector and organized commercial events.
The two founders met playing basketball as children.

Registration please to gruenden@hs-worms.de


Start-up Tuesday - The desire to start up!

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The GründungsDienstag brings the startup culture directly to campus! You want to discover founding for yourself, experience and address other founders, acquire startup know-how or become part of the startup scene? Then this is definitely the right place for you!
The GründungsDienstag series in the winter semester 2022/23 will mostly take place on site. Details on further events and offers will be disseminated in university circulars and on our social media channels, among others.

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