Startup and Investor - how does the collaboration work?

GründungsDienstag - open to all!

Hochschule Worms, Geb. D 13807.05.2024 17:00 - 18:30 Uhr
  • Host: Hochschule Worms/Worms University, Startup-Center

Startup and Investor - how does the collaboration work?

Guest Speakers:
Dr. René Wegner: During his sports studies, he developed the sport of Headis, also known as Kopfballtischtennis. Behind the eponymous company, there are now a variety of different inventions. The establishment of his company is funded with external investment capital, including from the BITO Campus in Meisenheim.
Nina Behringer: Venture Manager at the BITO Campus in Meisenheim, which was the first investor to join HEADIS. The trained bank clerk and business economist accompanies startups in business development and growth.
Together, they will discuss the collaboration between startups and investors.

Collaboration between start-ups and investors is a dynamic field that is constantly on the move. It is a world where innovation and speed meet financing and growth. The event "Startup and Investor - How Does the Collaboration Work?" offers a unique opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of these exciting partnerships.

Startups bring fresh ideas and disruptive technologies to the economy, while investors provide the necessary capital and business experience to realize these ideas. This event will shed light on best practices for successful collaboration, from initial outreach to long-term relationship building.
Attendees can expect to learn from an experienced founder and a leading investor who will share their insights and experiences.
There will be discussions looking at the challenges and solutions that can arise when working together, as well as the benefits both sides can gain from a well-aligned partnership.
The event will also highlight the importance of transparency and communication, two key elements that often determine the success or failure of a collaboration.

Prepare to be inspired, make new contacts and get the tools you need to build your startup-investor relationship. Join us for "Startup and Investor - How Does the Collaboration Work?" and discover how to maximize the synergies between startups and investors!

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As a subsidiary of BITO Lagertechnik GmbH, BITO Campus is an investor and partner for start-ups, but above all an innovation unit and venture builder, convinced networker and creator of a regional innovation scene.

Nina Behringer, Venture Manager @BITO Campus

René Wegner, CEO of Headis

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